Hayley Fox


‘The Newest Americans’ Highlights Immigrant Stories In The Age Of Trump

This series includes portraits and personal interviews that capture the many manifestations of the American Dream.

When the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump directed the enforcement of immigration bans from his post in Washington, D.C., photographer Sam Comen and writer Michael Estrin watched more than 20,000 immigrants become citizens in naturalization ceremonies held in downtown Los Angeles.

Over the course of two days in February and March 2017, Estrin and Comen interviewed and photographed 60 people hailing from dozens of different countries and distilled their work into a new art exhibit titled “The Newest Americans.” The exhibition debuted at the California Museum in Sacramento in April 2018 and will tour the country for the next five years. This series includes 28 portraits and accompanying personal interviews that aim to capture the many manifestations of the American Dream as well as map the dramatically different paths people take to becoming U.S. citizens.

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