James Hancock


Why I Attempted to Draw Every Single Building in New York

In All The Buildings In New York, James Gulliver Hancock attempted to draw..well, all the buildings in New York.

I'm Australian, and we tend to travel a lot. As a visual person, I've always drawn rather than written as I've moved through unfamiliar places. Most places I go I end up obsessively recording some part of it: In Berlin it was the bikes; Montreal the snow; Los Angeles the cars. When I moved to New York it seemed obvious to record the buildings. What started as another traveler's sketchbook, became a personal record of my new home—a map of sorts—that allowed me to embrace a familiar yet personally unexplored place. Everyone knows New York to some extent, a little more than other places, but we know it like a stage set, whether it be Oscar the Grouch's trash cans, the Ghostbuster's fire house, or the Huxtable's stoop. In an attempt to overcome this surreal familiarity I use drawing to stop and study these old friends from my childhood.

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