Jamie Nash


Local Currency: Keeping Your Bucks Close to Home

Local currencies are popping up more often nowadays as the economy flounders. They bolster local business and instill a sense of pride in citizens.


Well, the economy sucks. That’s news to nobody, and repeating the fact until we’re hoarse is not going to change anything. While the task of getting back on track seems herculean, a growing number of communities across the United States have attempted to tackle the issue through the adoption of a local currency—an insiders-only system of bills designed to be used in their town of origin.
Brooklyn is one such community looking to revitalize not only its local small businesses, but also its sense of community pride. The Brooklyn Torch Project, an ongoing effort to start a local currency system, asked locals to submit designs for the new dollars and received more than 75 contributions. The finalized bills have gone to print and will be available to users on March 2nd.

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