Jeff Bladt


No Safe Place: New Data on Bullying and Teens Suggests Intervention Is Key

Thousands of students told Do Something what they need to feel welcomed and safe on campus.

Throughout the day—both at school and in their online environments—American teens witness and experience unrelenting bullying. As many as 160,000 students stay home each day in fear of being bullied. In April 2012,, the largest U.S. organization for teens and social change, launched an interactive Facebook application, The Bully Project, inviting students to report on bullying in their schools by responding to eight closed-ended questions and one open-ended prompt.

The Bully Project was initially designed to be active for eight weeks with hopes that 15,000 people would take part. In the first ten days, over 21,000 people installed the application and graded their schools, and to date over 180,000 people have installed the application and reported on their experience. Data released today from's Bully Report, in conjunction with the Ad Council's national Bullying Prevention campaign, suggests the problem is pervasive; over a quarter of students reported witnessing bullying on a daily basis. The Bully Report analyzes 50,000 responses that were linked to current student who provided their school name and location.

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