Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is #9 on The 2014 GOOD City Index.

Dakar may not be considered as a global hub, but the city, which serves as the West African headquarters for many NGOs and international agencies, is increasingly serving a global role. In 2014, the capital gained worldwide praise for its management of the Ebola pandemic. As of press time, Dakar had only a single case of the disease, which city officials quashed quickly with public awareness campaigns designed to dispel misinformation and rumors. But Dakar is also proving to be progressive outside of crisis management. Recent urban projects in the city have improved the appearance of paved roads and tiled sidewalks, allowing many citizens to take leisurely strolls (for the first time in some places). Many in the city are also becoming accustomed to the tech-driven convenience that one would expect in cities like London or New York: A new home delivery service called Sen-Express offers home delivery for anything from food to appliances from any shop or restaurant in the city. And while Dakar’s frequent water and power cuts can be slightly annoying at times, the city is fast defining what a modern African capital can be.

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