Jesse Hagopian


How Mass Civil Disobedience at a Seattle High School Catalyzed the 'Education Spring'

Garfield High School launched testing boycott that spread to other schools in the city and helped spark a national movement to oppose testing abuses.

Seattle's Garfield High School, home of the bulldogs, is used to winning.

Our jazz band is a perennial winner of the Essential Ellington national completion, our track and basketball team are perennial state contenders, our drumline just took the top place in the end of the year regional competition, and we have award-winning clubs such as Junior State of America debate team and the knowledge bowl. But this year we scored a whole different kind of victory: Not a high score on the test, but a defeat of the test itself. Not a win for a competition, but a victory for the solidarity of students, parents, and teachers in the struggle for authentic assessment over standardized testing.

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