Walk to Work Day: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

WalkSanDiego presented an opportunity to promote walking and walkability, and it gave me a chance to make some observations along the way.

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And The Most Walkable City In San Diego County Is...

WalkSanDiego achieved a major milestone last fall with the release of the Regional Walk Scorecard


WalkSanDiego achieved a major milestone last fall with the release of the Regional Walk Scorecard. Cities throughout San Diego County were rated based on three factors: 1) policies and infrastructure that support walking; 2) the number of collisions involving pedestrians; and 3) data from more than 1,500 walk audits conducted by volunteers armed with WalkSanDiego’s new “BestWALK” phone app. The Scorecard is sponsored by Sharp Health Plan.
The Results\n
National City edged out La Mesa and Solana Beach for the highest score—for several reasons. First, National City's recently updated General Plan includes strong policies and plans favoring walking, biking, and transit use. In addition, the city is laid out in a typical pre-war grid pattern—a dense network of lower volume streets and a mix of destinations and transit stops within walking distance of most residences. A high number of residents who walk or use transit to get to work also helped boost their score.
La Mesa also has a walkable street pattern and detailed policies that will increase walkability in the coming years. In addition, La Mesa has aggressively implemented pedestrian improvements in key areas. Solana Beach, the third-ranked city, scored in the middle of the pack on policies and implementation and had the lowest percentage of walk/transit commuters. However, Solana Beach streets received high marks by BestWALK volunteers and the low number of pedestrian collisions in the region has raised its overall score.

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