Local Matters: Why We're Building a Collaborative for Local Designers

Local goods and services help build a true sense of community, say the founders of Utilitarian Workshop, a local design collaborative in Kansas City.

There’s a major shift to “local” that’s happening in our culture. Everywhere you go, people are talking about a renaissance of local goods and services, and a shift in the ways in which our belongings are produced and consumed.
Artists are reclaiming the ideals and traditions of a past era, with a renewed focus on the redevelopment of our communities. It’s a vision of a future that can exist from Omaha to New York City.
It’s knowing where the food you feed your family comes from, how the fabric you clothe them with is made, and the materials and processes that go into each piece. It’s striking up a conversation with your local artisan and sharing interest in his or her process. At the end of the day, it’s all about re-instilling an element of community and uniting people through an alternative approach to commerce.

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