Kelsey Barrett


DIY Guide to Making Your Own Compost Bin

Ever wanted to make your own compost pile? Here's how.

When I traveled to Taveuni, Fiji to help develop a garden at the Heart of Yoga retreat center, we did everything from scratch, including building a place to compost. We designed the compost area using wildcrafted ‘torch sticks’ as the bones of the bin, and used raffia—a plastic twine and great alternative to communities with limited resources—to secure the torch sticks together. Whether you're in a city, or have access to natural resources, here's a simple guide to creating you're own compost area from a few basic materials:

1. Gather sticks, young tree saplings, or bamboo from a local woodland area for the bones of the bin. If you are in a city thick dowels from a hardware store can supply a sturdy structure.

(When gathering saplings from woodlands, cut in shaded forest area. This supports health of the forest by allowing nutrients to flow to larger trees, and utilizing young trees is a sustainable harvesting technique as they regrow quite quickly. This method of forest management is a traditional practice called 'coppicing'.)

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