Kris Perry


Want a Better America? The First 2,000 Days of Life Matters Most

The most important investment we can make as a country is in the healthy development of our next generation.

Consider this: In the time it takes children to celebrate their first five birthdays, nearly 90 percent of physical brain development occurs. For the average 3-year-old, that means 700 new synapses are formed every single second. This critical development depends on active stimulation, interaction and skill development. We know that children who don't receive such developmental supports grow up without the strong foundation of knowledge and character skills necessary for success in school, career and life.

There is no question that we know more about children's brain development—and how best to make sure it is a success. Unfortunately, government has failed to keep pace and the result is a missed opportunity for too many disadvantaged children and our nation as a whole.

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