Laura White


Let Students Design Their Own Social Change Projects

At Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, Changemaker Days help kids develop skills for a rapidly changing world.

"Welcome to Tuesday and the school's Changemaker Day!" read the whiteboard in Mr. Frazell's third grade classroom. It was a beautiful morning, and Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School's inaugural Changemaker Day was about to begin. Throughout the day, students across the grade levels at Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS would be putting the changemaker projects they designed as a class into action. In Mr. Frazell’s third grade, students decided to foster a culture of kindness by creating posters to inspire other students and teachers in the school.

As the students sat in a circle, I watched Mr. Frazell prompt his class to brainstorm words that the posters should use. All of the students had a word to contribute to the list, which included phrases such as: Are you okay? Hi, would you like to play? Sure, I will help you.

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