Magdalena Zawisza


It’s Time To Deal With Your Sexist Brain

Even people who think they’re feminists are uncomfortable with women bosses and politicians. Today’s a great day to fix that

The words of my doctor from earlier that morning were still ringing in my ears when I found myself slamming the brakes of my car to avoid a nasty collision. An incompetent driver was cutting across two lanes at a roundabout just in front of me. Still perspiring somewhat, I carried on to drop off my screaming child with the nanny. It was a hectic morning.

Now let’s stop to take a breath and ponder on this story. Was the doctor you imagined male? Was the bad driver female? And what of the nanny and the narrator? Females too? If so, you have just experienced unconscious gender bias. You are not alone. Even the almighty Google image search “thinks” 75 percent of doctors are male, but in reality, women make up just over half of general practitioners in the United Kingdom. In fact, Google has been accused of unconscious bias in its own operations—as over 79 percent of its managers and engineers are male. Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo are not far behind.

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