Makiah Green


No More Profiling: What Will it Take to Get USC to Stop Seeing Black Students as Criminals?

In 10 days, Makiah Green will be graduating Magna Cum Laude from a university that doesn't prioritize the outcry against profiling.

On Monday, hundreds of students, faculty, parents, and community members gathered to mourn and speak out against racial profiling and institutional inequality at the University of Southern California. The sit-in was sparked by an incident last Friday night where 79 Los Angeles Police Department officers arrived to shut down a peaceful, end-of-the-school-year student party at a house near campus. Many attendees were graduating seniors. Almost all were minority students: African-American and Latino.

Before the sit-in began, student leader Rikiesha Pierce climbed a ladder to adorn the USC mascot, Tommy Trojan, with the graduation sash and honor cords of the seniors who were wrongfully arrested last Friday night. Behind Tommy Trojan, carefully crafted chains of foil handcuffed our beloved statue.

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