Mariya Karimjee


Pakistan Was Poised For World Cup Greatness Until A Military Conflict Got In The Way

Tensions in Kashmir kept Pakistan from competing in the first Kabaddi World Cup in nine years

Team Pakistan (green-white jersey) competes against Team India during Beach Kabaddi men's final match at the Asian Beach Games 2016 in Vietnam. (Getty Images)

On the night of October 13, Pakistan’s kabaddi national team captain, Nasir Ali, watched miserably as Korea beat Bangladesh in opening-round pool play at the Kabaddi World Cup in Ahmedabad, India. He was alone, sitting at home in his hometown of Faisalabad. Ali picked apart Korea’s flaws, musing that had Pakistan been there, they’d have easily won. Then he shut off the television and vowed to stop watching the World Cup as attentively.

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