How Pro Athletes Defy All Nutritional Logic With What They Eat

Candy, fried chicken, and a whole lot of other surprises that fuel a game

We’ve all heard the stories of the meticulous diets some athletes hold and how these diets contribute to them destroying the competition, but sometimes, diet doesn’t matter. Sure, the eating and drinking habits that the following athletes have might lead to early onset diabetes, but they seem to have done nothing to their on-court/field/track performance.


10 Sports Stars Whose Moms Were Great Athletes Too

Even stars like Ronda Rousey and Steph Curry have a tall order when it comes to keeping up with their mothers

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that athletic parents spawn athletic sons and daughters, so for Mother’s Day we thought it would particularly appropriate to highlight the mothers of notable athletes who were amazing athletes in their own right. Beyond being incredible athletes, these women were trailblazers in their respective sports and deserve every spotlight that is shined their way.


Why “Game Of Thrones” Is One Of The Best, Weirdest Obsessions In Sports Right Now

How this theme song—and other offbeat tunes—have come to define one particular moment of sports

Imagine if someone played your favorite music whenever you entered a room. For example, say you get home from work and your roommate is watching out the window for you to put your key in the door so he can play, say, the opening theme song to a certain hit HBO show as as you enter.

Well all you need to do is become a professional baseball player and you can have that every time you step to the plate.

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