Meg Pinsonneault


What Inspired Me to Tell Nonprofit Stories More Creatively

Preparation is key in creating any nonprofit video, especially an international one. But keeping an open mind is also crucial. You never know when an awesome, little Kevin will cross your path and add his priceless magic to your project.

There’s an old building at the end of the long strip of surf shops and restaurants in the small tourist town of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d surely miss it. But when you look closely, you’ll notice the character of the old structure and, of course, the graffiti that reads BPP in neon pink, green, and purple. It stands for Barrio Planta Project, a nonprofit organization that offers art and English education to the kids of “La Planta,” the village where the residents of this small surf town reside. Most importantly, BPP strives to inspire confidence and empower their kids to express themselves creatively. Like many non-profits, BPP provides valuable work to their community. But their achievements are lost among the clutter of the internet. The last thing they needed was another long, boring video about how the organization worked and who ran it. Instead, we decided to show the success of BPP’s programs in action. By using creativity to promote creativity, our short video was a collaboration with the BPP kids. We made sure to highlight their awesome personalities and utilize their unique ideas.

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