Mia Nakaji Monnier


A Radical Universe Of Self-Care

Artist Yumi Sakugaw’s new book offers cozy meditations on the American obsession with shortcuts

The terms “life hack” and “self-care” have reached buzzword status in recent years, bringing with them occasionally negative associations. Taking time for oneself can be interpreted as an overly indulgent activity. But in our dark and uncertain political climate, chasing happiness and comfort where you can find them has the power to ground you in the present moment, recharge your energy, and give you the resilience and hope you need to carry on.

In The Little Book of Life Hacks, comic artist Yumi Sakugawa challenges America’s peculiar “protestant work ethic” and how often it’s at odds with a culture that insists we find happiness, romance, and the perfect manicure. The illustrated book follows her two prior meditation guides, as well as the comics Ikebana (Retrofit Comics, 2015) and I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You (which went viral before it was published by Adams Media in 2014).

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