How We're Democratizing Healthcare with Mobile Phones

Why couldn’t a mobile phone do the same job as a $1,000 piece of medical equipment? The answer is it can.

"Democratizing healthcare”—those are two big words, and I don’t quite know what they mean. But what I know is that they evoke (vaguely but strongly) how things should be, and highlight what healthcare is not today. It is not personal, it is not preventative, it is not universally accessible.

In 2009, I could not have been further removed from healthcare community. In fact, I had not a single idea of anything to do with medicine. My background is in Electrical Engineering, which I studied as an undergrad in India. Then, a chance encounter with friends Abhishek and Yogesh, two doctors who were interning in the rural hinterlands of Maharashtra, a state in India, changed everything. They had to brave lack of infrastructure, lack of staff, political problems, local disbelief of scientific medicine, and other challenging conditions.

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