Nathaniel Manning


Online Anywhere You Go: A Backup Generator for the Internet

BRCK is the vertical integration of the data collection market. The modem is the gateway between our devices and the wider world of the internet, but it is has been left ignored, blinking in the corner, looking much the same as it did ten years ago.

I'm an American male in the Bay Area working for a Kenyan tech company called Ushahidi. I think that’s pretty cool—and that really couldn’t have happened five years ago. Ushahidi’s mission is to improve the way information flows in the world, and the BRCK is a natural extension of this. We build tools that help people collect and share data, information, and stories.

Our latest project, the BRCK, is a redesign of the modem for the changing way we connect to the web. It has an eight-hour battery backup, fail over to a SIM card, the ability to connect 20 devices, 16 GB of storage, an API, and it’s a software-infused device with a smart cloud system that can collect data from attached sensors and hardware and give real-time usage metrics and feedback.

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