The Impact of Not Getting Vaccinated, in One Terrifying Video

Whether it’s due to violent threats or just plain ignorance, areas with low vaccination rates show a startling resurgence in harmful diseases

You would think governments and individuals would make vaccinating citizens against harmful diseases a high priority. But this video, based off a map created by the Council on Foreign Relations, shows that this isn’t always the case—and as a result, whooping cough, measles, and polio have returned in epidemic proportions in some areas.

Why do people shun vaccines for life-threatening diseases? The reasons are heartbreaking and confounding.

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One of History’s Most Successful Female Rulers—Who No One Remembers

No-drama Hatshepsut was ancient Egypt’s longest-serving indigenous female ruler, known for enriching her people and commissioning stunning monuments.

Photo courtesy of GFDL

Most of us know about Cleopatra’s sex life, about Jezebel being thrown out of a window and eaten by dogs, and maybe even about the Chinese Empress Wu assassinating all her rivals—but few know about the successful reign of the no-drama Hatshepsut, a leader who enriched her people as Egypt’s longest-serving indigenous female ruler.

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Chocolate May Be Pretty Sweet for Your Brain, Too

Study participants that ingested a large amount of cocoa flavanols exhibited memory function typically seen in those two to three decades younger

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The fountain of youth may be a chocolate one. Ok, maybe that’s overstating things, but the mighty cocoa bean, source of all chocolate, is indicated in yet another health benefit, this time in preserving the brain’s memory function.

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