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5 Behavior and Culture Hacks to Get People Eating Less Meat

Science has shown eating less meat can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Here are five ways to commit to eating less meat.

I'm the Director of User Experience at Opower, where we work to fight climate change bytackling people’s energy use. Our products use behavioral science combined with good design to motivate people to use less, and it's quite effective; so far we’ve saved 2 billion kWh of electricity. However, lately science has been telling us that that eating less meat is actually the best wayto have the fastest impact on our planet. This got me thinking: could similar behavioral science techniques be used to motivate people to eat less meat? Below are 5 techniques and ideas on how to apply them.

This month, we're challenging the GOOD community to host a dinner party and cook a meal that contains fewer ingredients than the number of people on the guest list. Throughout March, we'll share ideas and resources for being more conscious about our food and food systems. Join the conversation at and on Twitter at #chewonit.\n

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