Pari Trivedi


The 5 Women Who Could Make or Break a Climate Deal in the Next 24 Hours

It’s crunch time at COP21. Will these women save us?

Through the Global Call for Climate Action’s “Adopt a Negotiator” initiative, we keep tabs on the most powerful players in the climate game. Over the last week and a half of climate talks in Paris, we’ve kicked into high gear, profiling the decisions and positions of attendees at the most urgent meetings, conferences, and events taking place. Now that a draft of a deal between 190 nations has been released—to be finalized over the next day—five women have emerged as crucial influencers of the final agreement.

One may choose to debate whether climate change is literally a “man-made” phenomenon (as it has been mainly men who’ve overseen the corporations and governments that have generated our off-the-charts carbon dioxide emissions since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution). But it’s undeniable that these very powerful and important women have the power to steer us away from the brink of climate disaster.

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