Most folks who want change will tell a dozen people how bad people should stop being bad. Over a 10 year span of time, they may have told 100 people about which bad people to be angry at. Meanwhile, change may or may not have occurred. My approach to change is different. Instead of being angry at bad guys, I'd rather concentrate on bricks to build a better world.

I am a certified master gardener and a permaculture advocate. I founded two online communities: the permaculture site,, and the software engineering site, When I found out that 75 percent of home energy use was for heating and cooling, I went about finding a way to reduce that energy use and learned about rocket mass heaters. Now, I'm releasing a DVD about how to build them safely and effectively.

While 75 percent of home energy use is dedicated to heating and cooling, rocket mass heaters could be the most sustainable way to heat a conventional home and thus reduce our energy consumption. It's the cleanest way to produce heat because the exhaust is often only water and carbon dioxide, instead of the usual plethora of nasty particles and gases coming out of a conventional wood stove. They also require very little fuel. Some people have even reported heating their home with nothing more than the dead branches from their yard.

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