Peggy Robertson


More Creativity, Less Standardization: Why You Should Support National Opt Out Day

Parents, educators, students, and social activists are fighting back against standardized testing on January 7th, National Opt Out Day

In 2013, mandates which take away real learning and real teaching are many—students and educators are surrounded by testing schedules, test prep, and lockstep curriculum. At the same time many parents, educators, students, and social activists find ourselves working hard to preserve and improve what we know must occur in public schools: creative, critical, and conceptual thinking.

To that end, we at United Opt Out National, a grassroots organization committed to ending the influence of high stakes testing and corporate-driven education reform, are declaring January 7 as National Opt Out Day. What does it mean to opt out? It means a refusal to buy into something—in this case the stranglehold that high stakes testing has on public education. We must resist and rebuild public education this year, and here are a few strategies we can try:

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