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5 Romance Tips From The World’s Most Famous Asexual

Step up your intimacy game with advice from a sexless relationship guru

David Jay

David Jay has been the world’s best-known “ace” (or asexual person) since he first launched the Asexuality and Visibility Education Network (AVEN) in 2001, after his online search for information about asexuality turned up results about amoebas—and nothing about humans. Today, AVEN boasts more than 82,000 members, the DSM-5 has stopped categorizing human asexuality as a disorder, and the general public appears to be relatively comfortable recognizing aces like Jay, along with heteroromantic demisexuals, panromantic gray-asexuals, and others with a fluid sexual identity. (For a little perspective, compare Joy Behar’s attitude toward Jay on a 2006 segment of The Viewin which she insists that he’s actually “repressed” or “lazy”—to a recent Buzzfeed video called “Ask an Asexual Person.”)

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