Serving 80 Years for Something 80 Percent of Americans Think Shouldn't Be Criminal

We want to tell a compelling story that would shed light on a criminal justice system that is betting its success on the lives of citizens.


When I first met Chris Williams, a medial marijuana grower in Montana, I was intrigued by his openness and candor. Chris was the young, charismatic co-owner of Montana Cannabis, a medical marijuana growhouse serving hundreds of state-legal patients across Montana. When I first interviewed him in August, 2010 for a documentary film I directed about the impact of Montana’s changing medical marijuana laws, I didn’t know where his story would lead. But as I continued to follow Chris as he offered tours of his growhouse to state law enforcement and community leaders, I had a feeling his story would be important. His efforts to create a model for a responsible, transparent medical marijuana business struck me as uncommon and inspiring in a business clouded by fear, misinformation and suspicion.

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