Reut Amit


How Rolling Stone Should Have Dealt With the Fallout From Its UVA Story

Jackie’s “inconsistencies” are hardly as egregious as the sexual assault animating much of Greek life on college campuses today.

A UVA student protesting Phi Kappa Psi. Photo by Flickr user Bob Mical.

After reading the account of a young woman’s brutal and vicious gang rape, I didn’t think I could feel more disgusted or horrified. I was wrong. Rolling Stone retracted its UVA story in the most vile manner by pandering to the motif of the despicable woman crying rape in order to… what exactly would anonymized Jackie get out of making up this story? In any event, I was wrong. I did feel more disgusted and horrified as I witnessed the barrage of responses crucifying this young girl’s character and then eventually putting her in physical danger by publishing her address and literally running her out of her home. Is it any wonder that women don’t report their rapes when it is their integrity and character that are put on the line rather than their rapist’s?

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