How Black Male Athletes Are Redefining What It Means To Empower Women

They’re helping women get out of environments where they live in fear.

Photo via AP; illustration by Tyler Hoehne.

My father's in prison for killing a woman. I was raised by a notorious pimp from the South Side of Chicago.

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Benji Lives

33 years later, Ben Wilson’s spirit still resonates on the streets of Chicago.

On the South Side of Chicago, Ben “Benji” Wilson was more than a high school basketball star — he was a lightning rod of unstoppable hope, crossing over crack pipes, spinning around rat-infested sewers, and dunkin’ over abandoned buildings that stand as ghetto tombstones.

At the freshly plucked age of 17, he was a messiah, and the basketball that he effortlessly palmed in his large hands represented a world in dire need of a savior.

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Why The Racist Comments By Houston NFL Owner Cut So Deep

As a show of solidarity, more than half of the Texans players took a knee before Sunday’s game.

Illustration by Mike Richardson.

“We can’t have the inmates running the prison.” — Bob McNair

Words that, for many, echoed a time when black people were sold and restocked like pints of beer — auctioned off on America’s blood-soaked plantation fields and chain-gang lines. Words that violently and unapologetically pluck the gut-strings of every black man who has ever been unjustly pulled over by the cops. Words that dig up the painful memories of what it’s like to feel subhuman, spiritually emasculated, and unjustly robbed of everyday freedoms. Words that stick to the stomach of men of color — like mud to the bottom of cleats.

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