Samantha Lande


It’s Finally OK To Eat Hot Dogs

Saving the world, one sausage at a time

Hot dogs have gotten a bad rap, namely because their reputation is that of a casing stuffed with animal parts whose origins unbeknownst to the consumer. But we’re here to herald the return of the hot dog as both a tasty and earth-conscious snack-meal.

Yes, you read that right. Although you can still find the mystery meat dogs, many hot dog joints are now offering up far better choices, whether in the form of all-beef dogs from trusted vendors or by taking matters into their own hands and making their sausages in-house. In both cases, hot dogs are actually a sustainable option—they use more parts of the animal, they’re inexpensive, they’re easy to transport, and totally simple to cook. Plus, they provide a blank canvas for chefs to apply their own creative twists, making a desirable argument for the frankfurter. Here are five spots taking the humble dog to next level.

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