Sarit Luban


The Chicago Gym Using Fitness As Political Resistance

Training vulnerable communities to fight back in the age of Trump.

Image by Aberro Creative/Pixabay.

Sonu Kaur is tired of walking at night in fear. “That’s something that’s been engrained in my body,” says the 26-year-old Chicago resident. And as she’s watched political events of the past year unfold — the election of Donald Trump, hate crimes against marginalized groups in the Windy City and across the United States, and what she refers to as the growth of far-right extremism — Kaur’s feelings of unsafety and her tendency to walk fast has amplified. “I don’t want my first impulse to be running and hiding when I’m threatened,” she says. “I’m not a big person, but I want to be able to stand my ground both physically and mentally.”

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