Siena Chrisman


7 Influential Alabamans On 35 Years Of Justice Under Jeff Sessions

“When it comes to upholding basic human and civil rights, he has failed to do so at every juncture”

Senator Jeff Sessions testifies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the first hearing to examine whether or not they will confirm President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Sessions to attorney general.

“All of America is about to be subject to Alabama justice.” That’s the take of Scott Douglas, executive director of Greater Birmingham Ministries and one of many Alabamans fighting the nomination of their Senator, Jeff Sessions, for attorney general. These community leaders love their state, but don’t want to see its record on justice extended to the rest of the country. As the Senate Judiciary Committee questions Sessions on his new role, we spoke with Alabama advocates for education and civil, immigrant, worker, and LGBTQ rights about what life has been like for 35 years of Sessions’ tenure—and their expectations about what America would be like if he serves as the country’s top law enforcement official.

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