Taryn Pire


For These Firefighters, It’s All About Breakfast Therapy

How french toast and eggs help create a new norm

We often view firefighters as nearly invincible. Known for their bravery, it’s tough for the average civilian to imagine the toll this line of work can take on a person; and yes, these men and women are in fact human beings, not superhumans. But thankfully, there’s nothing that good food and hearty conversation with friends can’t heal—or at least soften for a few hours.

Friends of Firefighters, a non-profit with headquarters in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is dedicated to providing counseling, acupuncture, and other wellness services to active and retired FDNY firefighters and their families. Nancy Carbone, the founder and executive director, started FoF shortly after 9/11. Since then, the organization has grown to eight chapters that spread across every city borough; they even get requests to open locations in other states.

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