Vanessa Dunne


Tricking Out a VW Bus to Make the Coolest Mobile Science Lab Ever

With the ScienceMobile, kids will get to experience harmless chemical and physical explosions.

Last year my children and I ran a craft booth at the Oak Park Farmer's Market, which happens every Saturday between May and October in a low income Sacramento, California neighborhood. We began bringing messy and educational science activities and a very diverse group of attendees—kids from both traditional nuclear families, and single parent homes, kids with tough exteriors who would skid their bikes to a stop, and children who didn’t speak English and were escorted by older siblings. But they were all eager to explore our supplies and became weekly companions to our booth.

I realized that although the experiments were a blast (quite literally) if we could somehow move our science station to the streets, we could reach a larger audience of eager young scholars. The idea for the ScienceMobile was born.

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