Victor Xu


How the EU-Turkey Deal Is Impacting an Infamous Refugee Camp in Greece

As NGOs like Doctors Without Borders pull out of Moria, reports of deteriorating conditions and confusion paint a worrisome picture.

Protests at the Moria camp last week. Image by Better Days for Moria via Facebook

Of the more than 1 million migrants who entered Europe in 2015, 856,724 came via Greece. Although they were often just passing through on their way north, this migrant flood has put special strain on Greece’s Aegean isles, where most arrive first, roughed up after Mediterranean crossings. That’s especially true in the case of Lesvos, an island of 86,000 people with the stated capacity to accommodate 3,500 migrants, but which fielded about 450,000 refugees last year. Overcrowded and overwhelmed—especially at sites like Moria, a military barracks turned refugee center slammed for its subpar facilities and slow paper processing time— last year Lesvos became a symbol of the European migrant crisis.

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