Yoram Bauman


Climate Change Comics? Yes, Please

No more heavy textbooks. Comic books are a terrific way to convey easy-to-understand information about complex issues like climate change.

It's too bad that cartoons have a bit of a bad reputation in the United States as being "just for kids." That's certainly not true in other countries (see Japanese manga) and it doesn't have to be true in the United States. Cartoon books are a terrific way to convey information, especially to audiences that might not have the patience or interest to plow through a thick book—and there are a lot of folks who fit that bill when it comes to climate change. That's why I've partnered with graphic novelist and illustrator Grady Klein to create The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change.

I didn't set out to be an educational cartoon author. After college I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and I got interested in environmental taxes and other ways of using capitalism to protect the environment. I took only one environmental economics course in college, but a think tank in Seattle was looking for an intern to work on a book about environmental taxes. Eventually I co-authored the book Tax Shift. I then went to graduate school to learn more about environmental economics and tax policy, but that book played a small role in the creation of the terrific carbon tax in British Columbia.

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