Zia Yusuf


App Marks the Spot: How We Designed Tech to Find Open Parking

The Parker app by Streetline uses special sensors in the street to help drivers find available parking spots.



Parking is one of the great unsolved urban challenges. On average, it takes nearly 20 minutes for drivers to find parking, according to a 2011 IBM study in 20 major international cities. Some cities estimate that upwards of 30 to 45 percent of their traffic is caused by motorists searching for a parking spot. This leads to frustration—when you're going to the movies or out to dinner, parking can often be the step that stands in your way—and to bigger societal problems like to increased congestion and carbon output.
This was our inspiration for Parker by Streetline. Our app lets drivers stop relying on luck by showing real-time parking availability. Our ultra-low power sensors, embedded in the street, detect the presence of a vehicle, and relay that information to the app.

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