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While millions of Texans are freezing and without power, Ted Cruz got caught fleeing to Cancun


While millions of Texans are freezing and without power, Ted Cruz got caught fleeing to Cancun
via AJ Plus / Twitter

The Arctic Outbreak in Texas has led to millions of people being without power over the past few days. The cold weather has devastated the state's infrastructure to the point where millions are having to boil their tap water.

At least ten people have died due to the weather.

While millions suffer in the disaster, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz decided to take his family to the sunny resort town of Cancun, Mexico on Wednesday evening. It's expected to reach a high of 85°F in Cancun on Thursday.

On Wednesday night, a figure that appeared to be Cruz was seen at 9 pm eastern time at an airport. A Twitter user named Juan Gomez tweeted a picture of Cruz with his luggage, captioned "Well Senator Cruz is flying to Cancun while millions of Texans do not have electricity."

That tweet quickly went viral and more reports of Cruz and his family being spotted at the airport rolled in. The sleuths confirmed it was Cruz by noting he was wearing the same mask and ring that he has been photographed wearing at the Capitol.

Cruz's decision to travel to a resort while his constituents are dealing with power outages, food shortages, frigid temperatures, and unplowed roads is unconscionable. This is a time for elected officials to step up and do their job, but Cruz decided it was best to bail when things got bad.

The behavior isn't too shocking coming from Cruz, a man who is known for putting his political ambitions ahead of the needs of the country whether it's provoking a government shutdown or inspiring the capitol riot last month.

The outrage prompted Cruz to quickly fly back to Houston.

On Wednesday night, Cruz's team reached out to the Houston Police Department to see if it could supply personnel to help the senator make it through George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

That's a pretty brazen request at a time when officers should be tending to the disaster.

"Cruz's staff contacted HPD personnel at IAH on Wednesday... and requested assistance upon the Senator's arrival at the airport," ABC News reporter Ben Siegel said. "HPD officers monitored his movements through the terminal."

The trip has understandably caused outrage on social media.

Cruz released a statement Thursday afternoon claiming he was just going to accompany his family.

via Ted Cruz

However, a source at United Airlines says his original flight back was slated for Saturday.

Ted Cruz helped to inspire a riot that nearly killed countless Congressmen at the state Capitol in January. Now, he flees his state during a natural disaster for sunnier weather. The people of Texas and the country at-large deserve so much better than Cruz, let's hope that this time he's finally held accountable.

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