This Beirut Hackerspace Brings Tech Startup Spirit To The Middle East

Beirut’s tech boom also has its more grassroots side, driven by one scrappy “hackerspace.”

A build night at Lamba Labs. All photos courtesy of Lamba Labs.

Beirut’s tech scene has surged over the past decade, with the development of a glitzy digital district in the city’s downtown and a burgeoning number of startups and coworking spaces.

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Why You Should Care About Eastern Ghouta And What You Can Do To Help

There are many organizations that need donations to continue their work in Syria.

Syrian children evacuated from Eastern Ghouta reach out from a bus window after arriving in the village of Qalaat al-Madiq. Photo by Zein Al Rifai/AFP/Getty Images.


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How A Cafe Brings Together Warring Rivals To Mend Their City’s Wounds

It has employed young people from the two neighborhoods to restore businesses damaged in recent fighting.

Just a few years ago, Syria Street, a main thoroughfare in the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, was notorious as the demarcation line between two warring neighborhoods — a no-go zone to most. Some of its buildings still bear evidence of the conflict with their walls riddled with bullet holes.

But on a recent afternoon, a group of young men from the rival neighborhoods — some of them former combatants — were sharing an argileh pipe as they took a break from plastering the walls inside one of those damaged shops.

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