Adam Martin


Can We Sue Our Way to Gun Safety? (At Least Let Us Try)

Even if I wanted to take the gun industry to court to argue for them (or other, more realistic measures) I couldn’t do so.

In the days since the Newtown tragedy, I’ve been trying to come up with a nuanced take on gun control. It’s not happening. I still feel like the fact that the issue of gun control is nuanced at all is BS. Most or all firearms in this country should be banned outright. But that’s not happening either. And it’s not realistic.

There are almost as many guns in the United States as there are people (310 million or so, at last count), and enforcing a sudden ban on all of them would be impractical. Prohibition doesn’t have such a good record in this country anyway. Still, one looks to Japan, where you have to pass a written test, shooting test, mental test, drug test, and background check just to get an air rifle. Or Britain, where a school shooting similar to Newtown led to a flat-out national handgun ban.

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