Callie Enlow


University of Oklahoma’s Powerful Response to Racism

The university stood together to oppose one fraternity’s gross display of bigotry

The video is as stomach-turning as it is short. Uploaded to YouTube by University of Oklahoma black student group Unheard OU, the 10-second long video shows a group of white, tuxedo-clad young men on a bus (and cheering, formally attired women) chanting a song about never letting blacks into their fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. As if this smug display didn’t already confirm every bad stereotype you’ve already heard about the greek system, the lyrics included the penultimate black slur as well as references to lynching.

Last night, Unheard, which formed to address issues of racism and equality on OU’s campus, tweeted the video to OU president David Boren with the message, “Racism is alive at the University of Oklahoma.”

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