Erica Cerulo

The art of pickling has gone far beyond the simple sour cucumber. Get in on the action with tips from the founder of Boat Street Pickles.

If you walk down the grocery aisle where the Claussens and Vlasics cohabitate, you will probably now also see a slew of small-batch, spiced-up pickle varieties—and not just of the cucumber ilk, either. Both artisanal food experimenters and tang-craving chefs have been tossing all manner of produce into vinegar baths, from beets and okra to blueberries and apricots. Pickling might sound tricky, but as long as you’re not looking to make a batch to last you through the winter (which requires canning tools), all you need is this recipe from Renee Erickson, the founder of Seattle-based Boat Street Pickles, and a refrigerator.

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