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Never Fear, Food Media Will Be Fine

7 food media faves to replace the beloved Lucky Peach (R.I.P.)

Lucky Peach, the delightfully eccentric and irreverent food publication, has been eighty-sixed—or so they reported last week via Instagram and a with brief post on their website from editorial director Peter Meehan. While we will certainly mourn them, it’s not as if food media has died altogether. Although, according to this seriously depressing feature from The Ringer, the world of food journalism might be on its last frog legs—a thesis that Amanda Kludt, Eater’s editor in chief, scoffed at as “wrong” in her latest newsletter, citing the multitude of outlets paying for food writing (in addition to Eater’s own success). For the record: We’re siding with Kludt.

Come May, there will be a peach-sized hole in our hearts (and stomachs) when the magazine’s operations cease. However, there are still a bunch of totally awesome places to read, watch, and otherwise salivate over food. Here are seven of our favorite go-to sources for food media.

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