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Our Calculations Prove That This Is How You Solve For Pie

Don’t you just love math

There are few times when math and food go together so well than on Pi Day, which falls on March 14 (3.14). Started in 1988 by San Francisco Exploratorium physicist Larry Shaw, who had the lab’s staff march in a circle and then eat pie, Pi Day is universally accepted as a great day to indulge in pie, which (if you remember your fifth grade math correctly), has a circumference of 2 ? r. Even better than math is cutting two radii into a delicious pastry and grabbing a slice.

In honor of Pi Day, here are a few of the best pies:

Strawberry rhubarb

Strawberry Rhubarb is the king of pies. Sour and sweet and oh so good. Marco Polo is said to have introduced rhubarb pie from China to Europe in the 13th century. Mixed with the North American fruit strawberry, the tartness of each is blended perfectly.

Banana cream

The origin of the banana cream pie is tricky. Bananas became popular in America in the late 19th century, so it’s probably around then that someone decided to bake it into a pie. But we do know that in 1909, Mr. Flip, a silent comedy, featured the first “pie to the face” gag. And then, in 1951, the banana cream pie was named the most popular pie in the armed forces. We also know they’re decadent and delicious.

Key lime

If you’ve ever driven past Miami, down through the Florida Keys, and stopped at a restaurant on any of the islands, you’ve probably had the opportunity to taste real key lime pie. Supposedly, the key lime pie was invented by a botanist named Jack Simons in the early 20th century, though some dispute this account. What is undisputed is that key lime pie is Florida’s deserving official state pie.


Any good home gourmand knows that the cock-a-leekie pie is the king of the savory dinner pies. A perfect mixture of leeks and chicken, it’s actually a play on a Scottish soup (Scotland’s national soup, actually), but we think the combo works so much better as a pie. We checked our math on this one.

Blueberry basil hand pie

There’s something about sweet blueberries and spicy basil that gets us going—definitely the best for hand pies. Hand pies are bake sale favorites, and a staple in New Orleans cuisine. There are versions of hand pies all around the world (Jamaican patties, Jewish blintzes). All you do is fill dumpling-like dough, deep fry, and let it cool and you have a portable treat. We love math.

Happy Pi Day!

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