Jackie Lam


Price Check: How Much Would It Cost To Move To Canada?

Relocating to the Great White North adds up quickly

Canada is calling to some Americans like a siren song. In fact, when Trump won the presidential election last fall, Google searches for “Canada Citizenship" surged 4,550 percent, and Canada's immigration site crashed. And what's not to love with friendly folks, decent pop music (i.e., Go for Soda), free universal health care, and dreamboat Justin Trudeau as prime minister? If only I had the skills to get a Canadian company to hire me, I could, perhaps, turn the dream into a reality.

A few years ago, my friend Henry did. He was offered a job in Vancouver and made the leap across the border. He described “Hollywood North" as a bustling urbanscape surrounded by mountains and lush greenery. It had the verve of Los Angeles—art, culture, diversity—without all the gross traffic, smog, and cooler-than-thou snobs. His experience made me realize that Canada is not completely out of reach. Though, as a freelancer, I wondered whether it might be out of reach moneywise: How much would it actually cost to move to Canada?

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