GOODFest Earth In Seattle

D.R.A.M. with Hollis Wong-Wear, Seattle Rock Orchestra and more playing in support of 350 Seattle

My week had begun with very little energy and few expectations, and Seattle's cold weather spell had been doing work on me. I was standing at the stop for the route 7 bus, draped in a typical Monday's cynicism when I got an invitation to GOODFest (presented by Pixel, a phone by Google). A couple of text exchanges had turned what'd otherwise been an uneventful start to the week into a spontaneous night in the city.

After braving the cold, my friend and I were embraced by the intimate, mellow vibe Neumos is known for. There was a lively buzz around the bar area, with a reflection of "GOOD" cascading over the crowd. The energy was dope, and the room was littered by a medley of fashionable, beer-toting folks. My friend and I roamed a bit before finding a perching spot near the stage. Hollis, the host for the concert, got us going with vibrant energy before bringing Alicia Sanchez on for a few laughs. Sanchez held no punches during her wittingly self-aware tales of her childhood, from her one-ma'am-band whale watching club to her awkwardly creative retorts to bullies. I was into it, and the waves of chuckles around the venue suggested I wasn't the only one.

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