Katy Gathright


Cookstove With Simple Technology for High Environmental Impact in Haiti

The Adventure Project brings simple technology to families in Haiti for high-impact environmental and health benefits.

It’s always nice to have someone to look up to—and a project to look up to can be equally inspiring. This week, Designed Good is featuring The Adventure Project—an initiative that uses simple technology for high-impact environmental and health benefits. Over the past two years, The Adventure Project has brought 4,700 charcoal-efficient stoves to families in Haiti. The stoves show off one of the seemingly simpler feats in engineering, but the changes they make are sweeping. Each stove cuts charcoal use in half, which saves families 20 percent of their cooking expenses and saves six trees per year.

As children sit around the fire as their mothers cook dinner, inhaling the smoke equates to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. The closed design of the charcoal-efficient stove reduces carbon emissions and drastically reduces health risks of those in the vicinity. The stoves themselves are also built by women in Port-au-Prince, providing a steady income and a means of reinvesting in their communities.

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