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A Terra Cotta Pot That's Both Herb Garden and Barbecue

Grow your own herbs on top of a portable bbq. This well designed product promotes sustainable eating.

News about environmentally-friendly and health-conscious food movements are everywherebut sometimes participating in this movement doesn’t always seem so accessible. Feeling like you have to pepper your calendar with farmers’ markets and learn how to incorporate quinoa, kale, and tempeh into the perfect main to complement your Green Goddess smoothie can be intimidating. There’s something to be said for working up to itif only to make sustainable eating the kind of broad-based movement that can shift our worldwide habits.

But what if great design could ease you into that sustainable awesome lifestyle you see in glossy, eco-friendly magazines?

Designed Good interviewed the London-based team Black + Blum that's making things to prove this sentiment. Their product, the hot-pot bbq is exciting because it’s fresh. It also shows that eating and cooking sustainably doesn’t have to be intimidating when there are good designers making products for living greenwith a modern twist. It's a place to grill your kebaband grow the herbs that season it, too. It’s a barbecue concealed inside a terracotta pot.

“We strongly believe that if an item functions well, then people will enjoy using it and keep it around,” wrote Martin Blum and Dan Black, the designers behind hot-pot barbeque makers Black+Blum.

There are plenty of people coming up with modern solutions for sustainable eating. Places like Good Eggswhich connects local communities to local farmersis committed to closing the gap between your kitchen cutting board and local sustainable food sources. Products like seedbombs are designed to let you grow herbs and spices with literally one local throw.

The hot-pot bbq is available on Designed Good through November 9.

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