Sarah Bregel


Why My Kids And I Became Radical ‘Unschoolers’

One mom explains why she decided to let her 5-year-old daughter take the lead on her learning — from the comforts of home.

When my daughter first started going to school at a public kindergarten, I was thrilled. Eager to get back to (uninterrupted) work, I enrolled my younger son in part-time care. But it wasn't long before I realized that modern-day public education was having a disastrous effect on my child. While my daughter had always been smart and creative, she became bored and angry and struggled to keep up with the early literacy requirements, which were immense.

After just a few weeks in school, my once bubbly child began to show signs of stress and anxiety. She said she hated school and cried in the hallway at drop-off. At pickup, she’d kick the back of my seat, and in the evening, she tore at the corners of her homework in frustration.

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