Shauna Miller


Comedian Paul F. Tompkins Deserves His Own TV Show

The man’s been auditioning for 15 years. Give him a TV show already.

Paul F. Tompkins is a weirdo of the vaudevillian old school, complete with the occasional bowler hat. The comedian has been tumbleweeding around for decades, landing in Los Angeles in the mid 1990s to write for such much-loved, short-lived sketch shows as Mr. Show and Tenacious D. He’s paid his cable-special dues, starred in P.T. Anderson's 2007 film There Will Be Blood and popped up on Weeds, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and AMC’s zombie-show wrap-up The Talking Dead. He’s diversified, penning American Idol recaps for New York magazine’s Vulture blog. (Sample dispatch: “Steven Tyler is dressed like Murphy Brown dressed like Ichabod Crane.”)

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