Watch These Men Experience The Hair Removal Process In Breathtaking Slow-Motion

The super slow motion hair removal video you didn’t realize you needed to see

The Slo Mo Guys are a YouTube sensation, with Dan and Gavin making all sorts of random, amazing clips with their high-tech slow motion cameras. Some of their greatest hits include shooting bullets underwater and bursting gigantic water balloons with their bodies. But they may have created their most daring video yet, and one that could have a lasting impact on how men view what countless women go through on a regular basis, by waxing their own legs.

In less than a week, their pain has equaled our collective pleasure (or at least morbid curiosity) to the tune of more than 2.5 million views on YouTube alone.

Joking that they are each half Italian (and therefore, one complete Italian man combined), Dan and Gavin boast that they are hairy guys. So, when they drip that microwavable wax onto their legs and then let the strip of removal paper go to work, it isn’t exactly smooth sailing.

That alone is good for a laugh. But watching the whole process in super slow motion creates something entirely different — almost beautiful and definitely more than a little revolting. So, buckle up and kick back for the slow motion leg hair removal spectacle you never knew you needed.